Want to chat face-to-face?

Just ask us for a Skype or FaceTime consultation, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or details you want to explain vocally. Just want to put a face to a name? That's not a problem either! And, of course, if you're local to us, a chat over coffee is always a possibility.

A beautiful snowflake...

All weddings are unique and no FAQ can possibly answer all questions for everyone. We're also constantly evolving in our own work and how we run our business as well. We're always thrilled to talk about the newest things we're cooking up.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like what I see. How do I book a session?
Easy! Contact us by clicking the black “contact” button on the top right of this page and fill out the form. This will automatically put you in your system and if you provide a date, it will even put your name on the calendar. You can also call 317.344.9434 or if for some reason everything’s broken our you’re having troubles, email [email protected]

How does payment work?
Once a proposal has been prepared for you, you’ll receive a link to setup a password for your client area. From there you can approve quotes, sign contracts, and pay/view your deposit and balances. You’re welcome to pay via credit card, PayPal, or even by check. The website will walk you through your choices.

How much does this all cost?
Our rates for weddings depend on location and availability. Contact us here on our website or email support@seanmolin.com for the full price list.

What’s the deal with engagement sessions?
Engagement sessions are very important to us, and if it makes logistical sense we cannot encourage you enough to add one on. This is a time for us to get to know you so you have one less stranger on your wedding day. We want to show up to your wedding and feel like a guest, not a vendor. You’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera, and thus, you’ll have better photos. All sessions include an ordering gallery that you can also share with friends and family.

It’s rare but it happens where you want engagement sessions, but not a wedding. There are different reasons for this, all of them are understandable, and we’d be happy to do just that for you. Note that there is only a print credit included if we are covering your wedding, too. We promise it’s not a punishment, it’s just a bonus for our wedding couples!

What do I wear to my engagement session?
While certain things work better than others, don’t let that stop you if you absolutely must wear a particular item. In general, though, you want to keep crazy patterns to a minimum. Solid colors and subdued patters work best. You definitely don’t have to match, but try to keep a somewhat similar theme if possible. I’d also try to avoid shirts with big logos or text unless it is directly related to your session. Obviously if you both want to wear jerseys for your favorite sports team for a segment, that’s totally great. Ladies, don’t overdo your makeup. Guys, don’t look like a slob. Other than that, be yourself and just prepare to have a laid-back, fun time. Nothing to stress over!

So, what happens at my consultation?
If you want to meet before committing, we can have a consultation. First and foremost, we want to get to know you. The best results occur when we’re friends and we have an understand of who everyone is. Expect to talk about more than business… but when it comes down to business, we’ll be discussing the game plan and vision. We’ll want to know timelines, locations, anything unique that you have planned. We’ll bring a sample contract and sample products. Of course, bring plenty of questions!

If you’re gung-ho and want to book us before meeting, don’t worry, your engagement session is your consultation. And if you’re booking us from a great distance, we can have a phone or video conference if you like.

Contract? What’s in that?
Basically the contract has fancy lingo that lets you know what you’re getting for your money, gives you the payment schedule, policies referring to cancellations and other terrible things that could possibly happen and what to do then, a model release, and other dumb legal jargon that is sadly required in this world of lawyers. Our contract is laid out to protect everyone involved, not just us.

I see your packages, but can I make changes?
Certainly. Fortunately the packages we’ve set up apply to 90% of our couples, but we totally understand that weddings are unique snowflakes. You can have 100 weddings in the exact same venue and they will all be remarkably individual. Just let us know what your specific situation is and we can help you navigate your options.

How many images do we get? Are all of our photos edited? Do I get an option for B&W/color?
There are a lot of variables that determine how many photos we ultimately deliver, but the average is around 700. All images delivered are fully edited and high-resolution along with a print release so you can print and share them as you desire.

We find that in general an image is either best in black & white or in color. So when I’m going through and editing, there is a very personal rhyme & reason to why I choose the editing I do. Each picture gives off a vibe that I go with. Does it come across as timeless? Maybe there is detail we just don’t want color to distract from or the image is geometrically based… in that case we may choose a black & white. But it’s not a matter of just clicking a button. Maybe we want more dynamic contrast. Maybe we want a gradient to lead the eye to a different part of the photo. Maybe we want to slightly underexpose to preserve high contrast highlight detail.

The bottom line is that we will make the initial choice on how an image should be edited. Near 100% of the time, our clients agree with our vision… but say you desperately want a color image in black and white? Let us know and we’re willing to give it a shot and see if it works.

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest. Can we replicate it?
Maybe. But only maybe. And that’s a big maybe. One thing to remember is that weddings on Pinterest are, essentially, fantasy. They aren’t yours, and no matter how hard you try, there will be only a small fraction of similar variables. It may appear simple, but there are a lot of things that make up a great photo. We see photos in a particular way, noticing the light, color, and even natural elements like wind and sun flare. We have to factor in how individual people interact, time of day, and even how tall each of you are! There are so many individual variables that make up a photo that it’s virtually impossible to duplicate.

Keep in mind that when we are asked to re-create, we are unable to focus on truly creating. Your wedding will be your own unique thing. Hire your photographer (even if it’s not us) based on their overall style and capability. Trust them to capture your day in their vision. If they like it, you’ll love it. Promise.

Who will photograph my session?
Unless specifically discussed prior to booking, I will photograph your wedding and, if your package includes it, I will bring a qualified associate. In most cases that's my wife, Molly.

Why two photographers?
While not absolutely necessary, it really improves the scope we can offer. Since no one person can be in two places at the same time (even though it seems like we are sometimes), we can really take advantage of the beauty your wedding has to offer, especially when there are time crunches. For any given moment, we can have two perspectives to capture from which gives us the ultimate flexibility in telling your story. Many times one of us will shoot with a wide angle lens while the other does close ups. One of us will macro your rings while the other shoots your makeup. Even when just one of us is shooting, the other helps to catch details that are easy to miss like stray hairs or family members not looking at the camera. Also, the action doesn’t have to stop if an errand needs to be run or a piece of gear needs changed out.

While most weddings benefit from the additional coverage, we understand that some don’t. We’ll be happy to weigh in our opinion based on your description to help you decide what’s best for you.

Digital or film?
Both. We shoot with top of the line Nikon cameras and lenses along with a myriad of other accessories. Digital allows us the extreme speed and flexibility the modern world of photography expects. We have recently begun incorporating medium-format film into some higher-end packages.

How long until I can see my photos?
We promise your photos delivered within 8 weeks, but always strive to be faster.

How do we go about selecting images for an album?
You don’t. At least not at first. After your wedding photos are completed, we will design a fully customized album. You will be able to make comments, suggest changes, and finally approve each individual spread from an online proofing site. For way more details on the album process, just click here.

How long do I have to order prints and albums?
As long as you’re alive. Online galleries do expire, but to reactivate them it’s just a nominal activation fee. The fee gets passed back to you as an account credit. If you receive a flash drive with your wedding, keep this safe and back it up. You can make prints at anytime with it.

Print prices are subject to change, but they don’t generally go up very fast. Album prices are guaranteed only to change by the cost to us from the album company. After a year, they are regular price.

How far do you travel and what does it cost?
We will travel globally for your destination wedding, no problem. Travel and lodging for weddings between Central Indiana and Chicagoland is totally complimentary. That’s right, we do not charge any additional extra for weddings in Indianapolis and Chicago. We are based out of Zionsville/Indianapolis and travel all over metro Indy every single day. We are the photographers for a lot of weddings in Chicago, but we are popular in Bloomington, Evansville, Columbus, Jasper, Muncie, and even Louisville, Kentucky and Sandusky, Ohio.

Any drive longer than 3 hours we will require a hotel room for two evenings plus mileage. Any drive longer than 6 hours and we will require air travel, a rental car, a hotel room. We have figured this to be on average about $750 in the continental United States. Please talk to us to get specific figures.

Are your prices flexible?
We offer discounts for a handful of scenarios including military service, unplugged weddings, non-Saturday & off-peak weddings, and weddings happening less than 3 months from now. Never hesitate to ask if we can help!

Can other people take pictures at our wedding?
Yes, but with a couple stipulations. We require that we are the sole hired and primary photographer. We already struggle at most weddings enough as it is to get as much photo time as possible, we can't possibly share with anyone else. We're just that greedy. It's also very difficult to get grandma to pay attention to us as it is during family group photos!

If you are having an unplugged wedding and taking advantage of our discount for that, then of course no cameras are allowed during the ceremony and first dances.

Other than that, we don't have any problem with uncles, cousins, and friends bringing their cameras and snapping away as long as they aren't directly interfering with the job you've hired us to do!

Do you have insurance?
Yes. If your venue needs proof, have them send us an email to support@seanmolin.com

can I assist/intern?
Sorry, you're amazing, but we are not currently looking for assistants or interns. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can be first to know when we are.

Is this your full time job?
Yep. Wouldn't want to do anything else.