The short story.

He loves cold weather, skiing, building computers, bourbon, developing & scanning film, collecting vintage cameras and vinyl records, and air guitaring those searing solos. She loves Toms, yoga pants, e-readers, continuously wanting a dog she is deathly allergic to, crying at some point during every movie, Facebook stalking, and doing laundry every several months or so. We like food, cemeteries, mix-tapes, cats (more than life itself), fresh-brewed tea, and watching entire seasons of a TV show from start to finish in two days.

We want to know You. We regularly forget to talk business during client meetings. Can we be friends?

The long story.

Forever is a long time. A really long time, actually. But of course we don’t have to tell you that. As wedding photographers, it weighs on us heavily that we are capturing the beginning of your forever. We believe it really should last that long, and carry the feeling of that new beginning the whole time. We want images that will be emotionally saturated until death do you part. And we wouldn’t mind them looking absolutely brilliant along the way.

We’ll be honest. We’re critical of wedding photography. We love scouring magazines and the internet for great, inspiring work. But we truly dislike a great deal of it. Very little of it would we be proud to have as our own. Most of it suffers from a number of issues; everything from dated (or will-be-dated) techniques, to completely uninspired and cliche compositions, right down to just plain poor craftmanship. Digital has changed the whole game, and the “barrier to entry” is essentially gone. Anyone with a little money can buy pro-level gear, charge some cash, burn images to a disk, and call themselves a photographer… and we have absolutely nothing wrong that.

It’s great to have something as wonderful and beautiful as the gift of quality photography available to anyone. The problem is that wedding photography is a different animal that shouln’t be left to an amateur. Not only are the variables of what can change or go wrong infinite, and the need to develop meaningful client relationships paramount to an amazing experience, but the sheer time to adapt to all of what is required is fleeting. And most importantly, you only get one shot.


So in this densly populated market that is wedding photography, what makes us different?


Wait, I thought film was dead? Essentially, in a face-paced and modern photojouranlistic sense it is. But in early 2011, after having started my foray into serious photography in the digital era, I picked up a film camera. It changed my life. I slowed down. The 12 shots per roll on my ’61 Rolleiflex is a far cry from the 1500 shots per memory card on my digital Nikon. I began to concentrate on composition and light more than I ever had before. I could no longer rely on crazy digital effects as a crutch for weak composition. And it is this concept of digital effects that made me realize something. Film never goes out of style. Film is timeless. Film, when taken care of, looks freaking good.

But of course, wedding photography is about more than that color and that vibe. We’ve got the actual compositions. So while film itself looks good, let’s be honest… most of the wedding photography from the film era doesn’t. It’s not the medium, though. It’s the stale, formal, studio-portrait style photography. But we want fresh. We want to tell a story. So that’s why we’ve adopted the photojouranlistic storybook style of photography. For most of the day we are a fly on the wall, capturing the day as it unfolds with only limited prodding. We really aren’t trying to capture pictures. We’re trying to capture moments. Even during “posed” time, we’re setting up a situation more than we’re setting up a shot. It may be as simple as telling you to simply walk hand-in-hand and then we throw out an idea to stimulate your emotions visually. We don’t need to tell you to act in love. You are in love… and it will show. And that’s going to create better pictures than any amount of instruction.

So you’re confused. Do we shoot film, or do we not? Generally not for weddings. With the way we work, digital gives us an amount of speed and flexibility that is too important to give up. But the way we edit is greatly inspired by film. Just because our ultimate goal is to create art that will still look good when you have grandkids doesn’t mean we aren’t cutting edge or we don’t like to have fun. We’re always itching to try new things. We’ve just taken the best of what’s old and merged it with what is the best of today. You’ll thank us in 30 years.


It comes up regularly in wedding publications, and we even hear it personally: The number one regret brides have looking back at their wedding is underestimating the importance of photography. This ends in not chosing the photographer you really want. And it nearly always comes down to dollars. Heck, you probably checked out our prices before even reading this “about” page. But how much are your memories worth? After the wedding day, you’ve got what’s in your head, and what’s in an album. And maybe a piece of cake stuck in the back of your freezer, but that’s it.

Photography is an art form and therefore not well-suited for shopping by price. Photography is personal and we ask that you choose your arist based on their talent, creaivity, and personal rapport with you. With that said, we ask you to consider the following:

Imagine you’re looking for a romantic partner, so you register on a dating web site to try to find the ideal person. This site, however, is unusual in that there are no photographs and no information about any of the people on there. The only clue you have about anyone is how much he or she would expect you to spend on their birthday present. How would that affect your choice? Wouldn’t you be more interested in finding out about their personality, character, age and looks than something that could only be described as a price?

We really hope you answered “yes.”

We’re here to be a part of your memories, and spin our vision and creaivity to best reflect what’s in your heart. Even if we’re not your final choice for whatever reason, please make sure whoever you choose as your photographer is someone that you can connect with; someone you can be yourself with; someone whose images you connect with. As we love what we do and the financial aspect is a necessary evil for us to coninue to do what we do, we will be held to the same standard: If we don’t think we’re the best choice for you, we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direcion to an arist that is the right fit.

But please, browse our galleries. We do hope you’ll fall in love with that you see. That’s what matters most. We don’t downplay the importance of your budget, but we urge you to talk with us before ruling us out. If you love what we do, we will love you back, and we’ll always see what we can do to start a beautiful new relationship.

So go ahead, click the contact button on the top right of this page. The biggest day of your life is coming up soon, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The start of something beautiful…

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